Team development

If you want
  • us to drag your team through the mud in order to make them understand that life is tough
  • a horrible workshop so that your team is happy to come back to the work-place
  • to sort out subversive elements in your team once and for all
  • the bad eggs in your team to be named and removed

then we recommend a stay in the foreign legion.
However, if you want
  • to improve team performance
  • a pit stop to detect difficulties as long as they are small
  • to improve communication
  • to foster an atmosphere where people like to come to work

then we are more than happy to support you in any way we can.
We look at teams in the context of the larger organization, since whatever is done in a small team needs to reflect and fit into the bigger picture. Therefore, it is very important to clarify goals and expectations as a first step in a team development process. Measures in order to bring a team forward can be anything from a half-day workshop to multiple sessions and coachings over a long period of time. Whatever it is – it has to fit your goals and needs. 
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